Yulia Korchagina
A freelance journalist, study heritage of the Soviet Union, cultural memory and ethnic conflicts. Write for the media «Stol», «RBTH», «Batenka» and «Mel». Work in with the International Memorial in «Terror topography».

Collaborate with the International Volunteer Project «Health&Help» and the Charitable Foundation «Krokhino». Implement a project about former political prisoners' fates «Dissident Tarusa» which was awarded a grant by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the German-Russian Exchange.

I am up to speed on
antropological, historical and ethnographical topics: small indigenous groups of Russia, ethnic strife, Gulag, the former Soviet Union conflicts.

I write texts to order, give lessons. At the moment I am gathering the material for my future book on ethnic conflicts.

Work as an investigative journalist. Quickly solve various editorial problems: from the project fundraising to finding a photographer or an anthropologist in Chukotka. Give lectures and seminars for NPO and business. Promote projects and realize media support for crowdfunding campaigns.

My texts: reports on small indigenous groups of Russia, Gulag and the Holocaust victims, articles about the Russian revolution, people, education, architecture. I have contributed to «Goodok», «Russian Planet», Itar-TASS.

My researches: ethnographical expeditions in Russia and the Ukraine. I participated in studies organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the Robert Bosch Foundation.

My teaching experience: Projects of the Growing House for Social Technologies, the Liberal Mission, the School for Civil Leadership, the Heinrich Boell Foundation (Russia), the «CEFER» Centre.

My personal skills
write and edit texts
analyse your site and social networks
make a research
give lectures and seminars
compile or write a book
organize the functioning of an editorial or a press-service
Phone: +7961-407-26-07
E-mail: korchagina.uliya@gmail.com
Skype: u_korchagina
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